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2018 Subaru Legacy review – Roadshow

A smooth drivetrain, comfortable ride quality and long list of tech features are hiding behind the Subaru Legacy’s bland exterior.

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Pentax K-1 Mark II Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

There are only two updates to Pentax’s flagship DSLR, but they’re potentially impressive.

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Ubiquiti Labs AmpliFi Teleport Kit (AFi-RT) review – CNET

The AmpliFi Teleport Kit lets you connect to your home internet from anywhere in the world, but a mediocre router curbs its appeal.

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How to download macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 public beta 3 to your Mac

macOS High Sierra, the next generation of Mac software, is now available as a public beta.

Apple has been offering public betas for macOS for a couple of years now as a way for those interested in testing out the… Continue reading

Jeff Sessions: Cyber task force will tackle US tech troubles

A week after the indictment of Russian nationals, the US attorney general requests a report on the risks of the “malicious use of technology.”

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2018 Volvo V60 Polestar AWD review – Roadshow

This V60 might be at the end of its life, but before it goes, it’s throwing one last rager of a party.

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Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

The futuristic-looking HC102 headset follows the same spec formula as those from Acer, Lenovo and Dell.

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Motiv Ring review – CNET

The Motiv Ring shows how maybe the future won’t involve smartwatches at all.

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Best Jump Rope Apps in 2018

You may have fond memories of jumping with a jump rope in grade school at recess, whether that be by yourself or with others. What you probably don’t remember is how good of a workout jump rope really is and… Continue reading

Check out this cool DIY Lego charging stand for the Nintendo Switch!

Tired of your Nintendo Switch’s boring ol’ store-bought charging stand? One Imgur user felt the same, and took it upon themselves to remedy the situation.

When I think about the most playful gaming consoles, the first that comes to mind… Continue reading