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Monthly Archives: May 2015


Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Exp.CVE-2015-1705

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Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Infostealer.Rawpos!g2

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Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Exp.CVE-2015-1710

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Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Exp.CVE-2015-1708

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Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Exp.CVE-2015-1718

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Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Exp.CVE-2015-1691

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The Apple Watch is a hot cup of convenience

As I pull the car into the Starbucks drive-thru, my husband says, “Oh, sorry, I thought you said you wanted coffee.”

“Close enough,” I tell him, and order a grande coffee with cream. He orders a breakfast sandwich. It’s… Continue reading

It's a bat out of hell (on wheels) in Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman puts the pedal to metal on Gotham’s roads in the latest instalment of the award-winning Arkham videogame series.

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Google looks to GoPro to get Jump 360-degree camera array ready for our VR future

Complementing Google’s Cardboard VR headset and YouTube’s support for 360-degree VR video, filmmakers will have a camera array rig for virtual-reality video creation.

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Seamlessly organize, search and share unlimited pictures with Google's Photos service

Google’s Photos platform for Android and iOS features pinch and drag gestures, keyword search capabilities and sharing tools.

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