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Monthly Archives: August 2014


Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Backdoor.Darkmoon.G

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Docker gets a GitHub-like repository

Chasing the successful hosting model of GitHub, Linux distributor CoreOS has set up an online repository where organizations can store and share their Docker containers.

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Munich may ditch Linux for Microsoft

The German city of Munich, long one of the open-source community’s poster children for the institutional adoption of Linux, is close to performing a major about-face and returning to Microsoft products.

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Linux Foundation to offer two new certifications for IT workers

With an eye toward deepening the global Linux talent pool, the Linux Foundation today announced that it will offer two new certifications for engineers and administrators.

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Review 33: Guardians of the Galaxy

Review is like app or game coverage but for movie series, television shows, comic books, and other geeky entertainment. It’s great stuff you can watch and enjoy on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV! On this week’s episode… WE ARE… Continue reading

Spotlight in iOS 8: Explained

Spotlight is the name of Apple’s system-wide search feature on both the Mac and iOS. With iOS 8, Spotlight is getting some new smarts, including location and context awareness, so it can help you find not only what you’re… Continue reading


Risk Level: Very Low.Exp.CVE-2014-0546

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Iterate 73: David Smith of Developing Perspective

David Smith of Developing Perspective… and Underscore fame joins Marc, Seth, and Rene to talk Pedometer+, Feed Wrangler, Pod Wrangler, and many and varied App Store business approaches.

Show… Continue reading


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Apple updates OS X Yosemite public beta

As expected, Apple today released the second public beta of OS X Yosemite.

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