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Monthly Archives: August 2014

iPhone 6 allegedly leaks on video, might finally have NFC support

An alleged image of the logic board in the upcoming iPhone 6 shows potential NFC support. For years the world has waited to see when Apple would include NFC functionality in the iPhone, turns out it might be very soon.… Continue reading

Secret adds polling option and Flickr images in latest update

Secret‘s not so secret update now allows you poll your friends with a yes or no question and also adds the ability to pull in images from Flickr. The messaging app is now in version 9 and also brings… Continue reading


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T-Mobile to cut prices on iPhones by up to $50 starting Wednesday

A leaked memo sent to T-Mobile team members today reveals that the wireless carrier plans to cut the price on all of its iPhone models by up to $50 starting on Wednesday.

The memo, as posted by Tmonews, shows that… Continue reading


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