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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Siri assists 2-year-old dial for medical help

2-year-old Eve from Montrose, Minnesota was aided by Apple’s voice assistant Siri to dial for help when her mother had a medical emergency. Mother Liz Neaton has a nervous disorder that causes her to have fainting spells sometimes when she… Continue reading

How to delete your Facebook account

Facebook has a rather shaky reputation when it comes to abusing and using data from user accounts. Most recently, Facebook apparently ran psychological experiments using some of the data it collected from profiles and timelines without user consent. Whether its… Continue reading


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Google answers Apple's 'Continuity' with partial measures

Google this week offered a partial answer to Apple’s Continuity technology, announcing a system that will let Android-powered smartphones interact with Chrome OS on Chromebooks.

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Segmenting based on storage — or why a 32GB iPhone costs $100 more

Apple’s updated iPod touch lineup separates 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacity models by $50 price increments. That’s new for Apple in the iOS device lineup. Previously for the iPod touch, and still for the iPhone and iPad, capacity models… Continue reading


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xScope 4 now available in the Mac App Store, 50% off for a limited time

xScope, the powerful Mac app from the folks at The Iconfactory, has been updated to version 4 with over 80 new features, and to celebrate they’re also making it 50 percent off for a limited time. While it… Continue reading


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