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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Apple acquires 3-D sensing technology company PrimeSense

Apple has acquired PrimeSense, a developer of 3-D sensors that allow devices to respond to the environment in three dimensions.

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Apple takes first small step to return iWorks' chopped features

Apple has begun adding back features to iWork after stripping them from the Mac versions last month.

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As promised, Apple adds real-time collaboration to iWork for iCloud

Apple yesterday updated its online iWork for iCloud productivity apps, adding collaboration tools that let users simultaneously edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

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This new worm targets Linux PCs and embedded devices

A new worm is targeting x86 computers running Linux and PHP, and variants may also pose a threat to devices such as home routers and set-top boxes based on other chip architectures.

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New OpenSUSE embraces 64-bit ARM

Joining Fedora and Ubuntu, the new version of the community driven OpenSUSE can now be run on AArch64 processors, further preparing the market for servers running on the new 64-bit ARM architecture.

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iTranslate updated to version 7.1, brings updated design to the iPad

iTranslate, one of our favorite translation apps for iPhone, has just been updated to add full support for the iPad. Aside from becoming a universal download, the iPad version has now been updated for iOS 7 as well.

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Google Nexus phones reportedly susceptible to SMS attacks

The Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 5 can be forced to reboot or lose their network connection if an attacker sends a large number of Flash SMS messages to them, PC World reports.

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Twitter upping security to thwart government hacking

The microblogging site adds a new security measure designed to make it harder for organizations like the National Security Agency to uncover its data.

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Schmidt: Censorship could vanish within a decade

In light of the surveillance by governments worldwide, Google’s Eric Schmidt makes a bold prediction.

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Senators criticize NSA snooping as unnecessary to US security

Lawmakers say the NSA could have used less-intrusive methods to gather data.

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