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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Contest winners: Solace cases and our final iPhone 5s!

If there’s one thing iMore loves even more than all the iThings, it’s giving fantastic prizes to our awesome readers. This week we have the amazing new Solace cases from Element Case and one last $500 gift certificate for winner’s… Continue reading

'Free Unix!': The world-changing proclamation made 30 years ago today

It was 30 years ago today — which is to say Sept. 27, 1983 — that the seeds were planted for both Linux and the open source software movement, though neither is called that name by the man who help… Continue reading

The present and future of Vesper for iOS 7

Vesper gets a lot of attention because it’s crafted by well-known personalities in the Apple community, namely Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber. Part of the reason they’re well-known, however, is because they’re not only capable of great craft,… Continue reading


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iTunes Festival highlights: The best moments of 2013

Apple has just posted a YouTube video showing off highlights of their 2013 iTunes Festiva. It encompassed 60 artists over 30 nights, and according to Apple, these are the moments you might have missed. Give it a watch and… Continue reading

French could serve up fines to Google for privacy violation

Google might face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines in France for privacy violations. Small potatoes to the company, but the ruling could portend a more difficult relationship between Europe and Google.

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