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Monthly Archives: February 2013


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Dell's 'Sputnik' Ubuntu Linux laptop gets key upgrade

Although it’s oriented primarily towards developers, Dell's "Project Sputnik" Ubuntu Linux ultrabook has attracted considerable interest from Linux fans.

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Here's how to make Ubuntu Linux look like Windows 7

Windows 8's tile-based interface puts a bold new spin on the familiar Windows interface–so bold that many long-time Windows users are threatening to jump ship to another operating system rather than learn Microsoft's "modern" UI. Of course, you'll still find… Continue reading

Companies are desperately seeking Linux talent, according to report

Here's even more good news for IT professionals with Linux skills. Last month, we got word from IT careers site Dice that salaries in Linux jobs are going up, and on Wednesday the Linux Foundation and Dice jointly presented a… Continue reading

Comparing iPhone podcast apps at a glance

Why compare 6 popular iPhone podcast apps this time? Because after comparing 27 iPhone weather apps and 18 iPhone Twitter apps side-by-side, I needed to catch my breath this week and focus on something with a smaller scope.

You’d think… Continue reading

Editor's desk: What's next

Winter is still here, I’m still buried in snow, but March is at last on the horizon. Unlike the last few years, however, I’m not sure exactly what that means, though I have some ideas. Here’s what we have to… Continue reading