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Heads up Sebastinos

Being an IT enthusiast and a data security aware individual, may I warn you about hacking activities in our midst which most of us knows a little bit of information or just totally ignored it.  Hacking does not only exists in our digital world but in the real world as well.  Social engineering is one good example.  Usually social engineering* techniques not just happened over email scams and phishing but also over the phone.  The caller will introduce himself as blah blah and when he gets your attention will ask for any information regarding to yourself, banks, online, interests, birthday (the usual password used by most users) and etc.  This way they can formulate or make possible combinations out of those information from you (this is easily done with a short script or kiddie programs).  SO watch out, get the name of the caller,  the company and the number where to call in order to check the veracity of the person.  It happened to me in my office asking for an info over the phone, so I asked him to send me an email to have a formal request for such information and 30 minutes have past, nothing in my INBOX.  So be careful out there, be it online or in the real world….


* From – Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information, rather than by breaking in or using technical cracking techniques.[10] This method of deception is commonly used by individuals attempting to break into computer systems, by posing as an authoritative or trusted party and capturing access information from the naive target. Email Phishing is a common example of social engineering’s application, but it is not limited to this single type of attack.