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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Around the World With Windows Store Apps

REDMOND, Wash. – Feb. 26, 2013 – This week, thousands have descended upon Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress, the world’s premier mobile industry event. In honor of this international gathering, we’re celebrating Windows Store apps from around the… Continue reading

‘Most Verbose’: Meet Microsoft's Original MVP

REDMOND, Wash. – Feb. 21, 2013 – It’s 1993, and you need technical support. Who you gonna call?

Most techies at the time would plug in their modems and dial up CompuServe. In the days before Twitter, Facebook and broadband,… Continue reading


Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Backdoor.Outflare

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Risk Level: Very Low. Type: Trojan.Bloodhound.Olemacho

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Apple joins Facebook, others, in support of same-sex marriage

Apple is joining more than sixty companies, including Facebook and Intel, in urging the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down Proposition 8, a California law that prohibits same-sex marriage by defining marriage as a union between one man and one… Continue reading

Adobe issues emergency patch for zero-day Flash vulnerabilities

The company says two vulnerabilities are being actively exploited and recommends that Windows and Mac OS X users of the browser plug-in update their systems immediately.

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What is the Eicar testfile?

If you would like to test Apple’s XProtect system, you can now safely do so with the latest definitions update.

Originally posted at MacFixIt

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New Stuxnet whodunit: Malware existed two years earlier than anyone knew

Symantec researchers report uncovering an earlier version of the computer virus — one from 2005. The virus was later found to have inflicted damage on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

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Google spars with Spain over data privacy

The search giant and Spanish officials can’t agree on when data should be deleted from Google’s pages.

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The Pirate Bay sets sail for Norway, Spain after Sweden sinks ship

The site’s bandwidth was being funded by the Swedish Pirate Party, but fear of a lawsuit forced that organization to stop paying for the service.

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