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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Meet the Team Making Windows Phone Faster and More Powerful

REDMOND, Wash. – April 16, 2012 – New models of Windows Phone will be equipped with LTE (long-term evolution) capabilities, thanks to a small team of engineers at Microsoft. The Windows Phone Customer Experience Engineering (CXE) team recently finished a… Continue reading

Intelligent Systems: Rx for Better Healthcare

REDMOND, Wash. — April 12 , 2012 — By connecting data, processes and devices, intelligent systems can help health providers offer better care and outcomes to patients. Hospitals, clinics and health organizations across the industry can now centralize their records… Continue reading

Ringing Up Sales With Windows Embedded

REDMOND, Wash. — April 11, 2012 — Intelligent systems have become one of the retail and hospitality industry’s most strategic assets, helping retailers respond to changes in the market, drive greater efficiencies in their processes, and provide customers with a… Continue reading

Microsoft’s Certifications Reinvented for the Cloud

REDMOND, Wash. — April 11, 2012 Microsoft today announced that it has reinvented its certification program to directly address technology’s evolution to the cloud.

Organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud to improve productivity, cut costs and fuel business… Continue reading




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